Let’s practice the Design Thinking Process!


  • Users already have all their information on the app, they will neither need to login nor enter any data when paying/checking-out.
  • There are no security issues and other limitations. The focus is on finding a quick and user-friendly solution for the users.


  • What problem are you solving? This one has already been explained previously: add a feature to Citymapper in order to avoid public transport users to buy their tickets by different channels.
  • Who is your audience? It targets anyone with a smartphone who uses an urban transport mode or a public one to get around a city.
  • Who is your client’s competition? Citymapper’s competitors are Google Maps, Transit, Moovit and the local transport apps.
  • What’s the tone/feeling ? The app is easy to understand and convenient to use, the navigation is playful, and the information seems relevant for each option displayed.
  • Buy all the tickets needed for the overall trip directly in the app
  • Filter between the fastest, the most economical or the most chosen trip (useful if you’re a tourist for example and you don’t know which way to choose, take the one which is most chosen in average) before payment
  • Select the quantity of tickets to buy
  • Choose between several in-app payments
  • Generate a QR Code as a valid transport ticket (and save it your wallet for offline use)
  • Send an email to collect your QR Code (you can print it if you want) and your receipt
  • And more generally but less relevant in this specific case: create a universal Citymapper pass for all transport modes covered in the app (Citymapper card?), you charge money on it and you can use it everywhere Citymapper is available!




Former Marketing and Communication Manager, learning a new job in UX UI Design !

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Julie Drouillard

Julie Drouillard

Former Marketing and Communication Manager, learning a new job in UX UI Design !

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